Virgo-INFN computing setup

Setting up an account at CNAF
Connecting via SSH and SFTP

Setting up an account at INFN CNAF

In order to use Virgo computing resources one needs to request an account here.

Connecting via SSH and SFTP

Connections to Virgo computing clusters go through the bastion server. To avoid typing password every time, I recommend setting up ssh keys, as described here. The easiest way to connect is with one command, i.e., ssh ui01, after adding the following lines to the file ~/.ssh/config:

Host bastion
    User bgoncharov
    IdentityFile ~/.ssh/private_key_file

# Tunnel
Host ui01
        Hostname ui01-virgo
        User bgoncharov
        IdentityFile ~/.ssh/private_key_file
        Proxyjump bastion

Don't forget to replace bgoncharov with your actual username. The above creates an ssh tunnel that is equivalent to the following two commands:

  1. ssh [email protected]
  2. ssh bgoncharov@ui01-virgo

To set up the SFTP connection to the computing cluster ui01-virgo, one needs to:

I would like to acknowledge the help of Francesca Badaracco with figuring this out.

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