Notes on working with LIGO data and computing clusters

Before using this command please follow Eric Thrane's instructions to set up a gsissh-connection with LIGO cluster using LDG client.

Connection to LIGO data centers

Working on LIGO cluster - CIT/pcdev

To copy files to LIGO CIT use this command:

gsiscp file_path/file_name

Add -r to copy folders.

Accessing LIGO data

LIGO strain data from Hanford (H1) and Livingston (L1) detectors is stored in .GWF files on the CIT computer cluster. In MATLAB software used by LIGO Stochastic group, i.e. STAMP or Stochastic.m, we need the following:

  1. A job file: list of time segments of data.
    Typical job file has 4 columns: some arbitrary index number, GPS start time (sec), GPS end time (sec), duration (sec)
    Job files can be generated by this script: /home/boris.goncharov/jobgen/
  2. Frame files: list of files with paths to .GWF files for our jobs
    Cache files can be generated by this perl script: /home/boris.goncharov/jobgen/


After taking a Fourier transform of LIGO strain data we get power-spectral density (PSD).
It has units [strain^2 / Hz].

After taking a square root of PSD we get amplitude spectral density (ASD).
It has units [strain / sqrt(Hz)]

Recent Work