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OzGrav Annual Retreat: poster session

November 2017

OzGrav Annual Retreat: my poster presentation

November 2017

My award at the OzGrav Annual Retreat

November 2017

Gravity Group, School of Physics and Astronomy, Monash University

September 2017

With Kip Thorne at the L. P. Grishchuk memorial conference at the Moscow State University

November 2016

With George Smoot at the Institute of the Early Universe in Seoul, Korea

From left to right: Bruce Grossan, Vladimir Galkin, Boris Goncharov, Kiril Saleev, Egor Rozhkov, George Smoot. Photo credit: August 2012

With George Smoot at the Paris Center for Cosmological Physics

From left to right: Igor Markelov, Vitaly Bogomolov (my thesis supervisor at the Moscow University), Egor Rozhkov, George Smoot, Ilya Golovanov, Boris Goncharov. November 2012

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